Department of Science | CHSS
Our Vision

A vision with a holy mission to effect a generation with radiant future was the innate drive which worked behind opening the doors of this school in 1964. A coterie of philanthropists, social workers and knowledge lovers put their heads together for the blooming of a much cherished dream of Chennamangallur village. A village sans motorable roads,

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Department of Science

Physics Department

Abdul jabbar A - 9745240054

Saboorniza A - 9846251125


Chemistry Department

Muhammed Ashraf VP - 9495173642

Javadurahman MT - 9995467072


Mathematics Department

Rafeeq K - 9745108689

Abdu Rasheed E - 9846584108

Muhammed Anwar KC - 9846497350


Biology Department

Kamarudeen S (Botany) - 9745050089

Haneef V H (Zoology) - 9447333668